TruckWeigh and BulkWeigh Team Up for a Total Onboard Weighing Solution

2018-12-07T13:38:30+00:00 29th May 2015|

AccuOnboard New Zealand recently supplied and installed both TruckWeigh and BulkWeigh onboard weighing systems to a semi-trailer used by a scrap metal transport company in Hamilton, New Zealand.

The scrap collection vehicle comprises a Kenworth T404S semi with a Palfinger crane, coupled with a quad-axle tipper trailer. AccuOnboard’s popular TruckWeigh onboard vehicle weighing system was installed on the semi to ensure its axles were not overloaded during transport.

AccuOnboard’s BulkWeigh onboard weighing system was preferred for the trailer as it is specifically suited to tipper trailers and is able to provide accurate weight readings in order to produce a printed docket for scrap metal collected from clients.

Both the TruckWeigh and BulkWeigh onboard weighing systems provide a safeguard for this customer against vehicle and axle overloading while travelling on public roads. Once the trailer is full of scrap metal, the vehicle returns to base to be weighed over a weighbridge for a final weight determination.

AccuOnboard specialises in all types of onboard weighing systems to help truck operators and fleet owners protect themselves against overloading fines and to manage their stock.