Road and Maritime Services Big on Duty of Care

2018-12-07T13:48:53+00:00 10th November 2014|

A body-builder in Newcastle recently commissioned AccuOnboard to install its TruckWeigh onboard vehicle weighing system to a rigid truck for the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) used to conduct general site works.

The TruckWeigh system was purchased primarily to ensure RMS meets its duty of care for its workers as overloaded vehicles represent greater risk for vehicle operators. It also represents a very versatile weighing system with the ability to display individual axle loads as well as an overall vehicle weight.

The TruckWeigh system also has excellent connectivity, enabling it to interface with a number of other third party equipment for report generation or statistical analysis.

RMS is leading the way with compliance of Work Health and Safety legislation (duty of care) and Chain of Responsibility legislation.

TruckWeigh Terminal in truck cabin