Another Installation of AccuOnboard’s Popular TruckWeigh Overload Protection System

2018-12-07T13:44:41+00:00 15th December 2014|

AccuOnboard Queensland has installed yet another overload protection, onboard weighing system to an 8 x 4 Isuzu truck for a prominent, national waste collection company. This installation is one of many already made for this company and one of many more to come.

The overload protection system installed is AccuOnboard’s popular TruckWeigh onboard weighing system, which suits most types of vehicles from small commercial vans to large road trains. The TruckWeigh onboard weighing system measures axle loads by monitoring the vehicle’s suspension system.

For spring suspension axles, a tiny yet extremely accurate sensor detects deformation in the spring as load is applied to the axle. For air bag suspension axles, an air transducer is fitted to the air lines to detect increased air pressure when load is applied. TruckWeigh can therefore be used on vehicles with spring suspension, air suspension, or a combination of the two.

The TruckWeigh digital indicator also has some excellent features, including:

  • Axles and gross overload protection,
  • Accurate to within +3%,
  • Excellent connectivity to other devices,
  • Audible and visual overload alarm, and
  • No driver input required.

The image above shows wheel weighers under each tyre which is one method used to calibrate the weighing system to ensure its accuracy.

For more information about our onboard weighing system for waste management, contact us today.