Top FAQs About Onboard Vehicle Weighing Systems

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Onboard weighing systems are important for many reasons including legislative, safety and economic, and there are a number of different types available to suit a huge variety of applications. From the transport and freight industries to waste management, agriculture, mining and construction – there’s an onboard weighing system to suit any application and these top frequently asked questions should help with decision-making when it comes to selecting the right product. What are onboard ve… Read More

How Onboard Weighing Systems Can Save Both Time and Money

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Weighing loaded vehicles is essential for any business in the transportation industry. However, using a weighbridge to weigh heavy vehicles can be time-consuming and inaccurate. An onboard weighing system accurately measures the weight of a load either in the front end of a loader or an excavator bucket, saving you time and money. Weigh in real time Weighing loads in real time means your vehicles can spend less time on site. Rather than loading a vehicle and using a weighbridge to measure the lo… Read More

Why Vehicle Weighing is Essential When it Comes to Chain of Responsibility

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Overloading a vehicle can result in some heavyweight legal action – and it’s not just the drivers or vehicle owners who will be liable. Under the Chain of Responsibility (COR) Legislation, everyone in the transport supply chain shares equal responsibility for ensuring that vehicles comply with the road laws and anyone in that supply chain can be held legally liable for breaches. From company directors, the person or company commissioning the carrying of goods, packers and drivers to the… Read More