Burnside City Council installs TruckWeigh on its mprove

2019-04-18T13:41:30+00:00 18th April 2019|

Burnside City Council recently installed AccuOnboard’s industry-leading TruckWeigh system on ten of its heavy goods vehicles. The council, which employs the most thorough WHS system, wanted to do everything in its power to: reduce/eliminate the risks that overloaded heavy goods vehicles present to drivers and the general public; and to meet its Chain of Responsibility mass management compliance requirements. To ensure that the overload warning and payload control systems were fully utilis… Read More

Isuzu Dealer Engages AccuOnboard to Install TruckWeigh

2018-12-07T13:22:41+00:00 19th October 2017|

A Gold Coast Isuzu dealer recently engaged AccuOnboard to supply and fit yet another one of its TruckWeigh onboard weighing systems to a vehicle destined to be used for waste collection. While TruckWeigh cannot be used for trade weighing purposes – such as charging for waste collection by weight – the system presents the ideal solution for ensuring that vehicle axle loads do not exceed gross vehicle mass specifications, and so helps operators to meet Chain of Responsibility compliance requir… Read More

The Benefits Of Onboard Truck Scales For Your Scrap Business

2018-12-06T16:50:29+00:00 9th October 2017|

Scales are an essential part of the scrap and recycling industry. Onboard truck scales can streamline your scrap business by bringing the scale to the product. Compatible with forklifts, loaders, cranes and trucks, onboard scales allow you to accurately weigh and record load data in real time. Weigh incoming loads quickly If you receive inventory on pallets or bundles, you can use a forklift scale to check the weight of a shipment, verifying that its stated value is correct. Any light loads will… Read More

Onboard Weighing Solutions for the Waste Industry

2019-01-23T13:01:07+00:00 1st October 2017|

Weight is a crucial piece of information for any business in the waste industry. Product needs to be weighed at every stage of your operation, and for a business to thrive, it needs efficient, reliable and integrated weighing systems. Give your business the edge by embracing technology and the latest onboard weighing solutions to make your business as profitable as possible. If you don’t, you may find yourself lagging behind your competitors. Accurate bin weighing Did you know onboard weighing… Read More

Top FAQs About Onboard Vehicle Weighing Systems

2018-12-06T17:11:03+00:00 18th September 2017|

Onboard weighing systems are important for many reasons including legislative, safety and economic, and there are a number of different types available to suit a huge variety of applications. From the transport and freight industries to waste management, agriculture, mining and construction – there’s an onboard weighing system to suit any application and these top frequently asked questions should help with decision-making when it comes to selecting the right product. What are onboard ve… Read More

How Onboard Weighing Systems Can Save Both Time and Money

2019-01-23T13:00:03+00:00 10th September 2017|

Weighing loaded vehicles is essential for any business in the transportation industry. However, using a weighbridge to weigh heavy vehicles can be time-consuming and inaccurate. An onboard weighing system accurately measures the weight of a load either in the front end of a loader or an excavator bucket, saving you time and money. Weigh in real time Weighing loads in real time means your vehicles can spend less time on site. Rather than loading a vehicle and using a weighbridge to measure the lo… Read More

Why Vehicle Weighing is Essential When it Comes to Chain of Responsibility

2018-12-06T17:19:22+00:00 5th September 2017|

Overloading a vehicle can result in some heavyweight legal action – and it’s not just the drivers or vehicle owners who will be liable. Under the Chain of Responsibility (COR) Legislation, everyone in the transport supply chain shares equal responsibility for ensuring that vehicles comply with the road laws and anyone in that supply chain can be held legally liable for breaches. From company directors, the person or company commissioning the carrying of goods, packers and drivers to the… Read More

Weigh-As-You-Load Solutions for the Mining Industry

2018-12-07T11:14:25+00:00 20th August 2017|

Accurate and reliable payload measurement plays a vital role across many different areas of the mining industry. AccuOnboard, Australia’s leading supplier of onboard vehicle weighing systems and onboard truck scales, are pleased to offer convenient weigh-as-you-load solutions which offer great benefits to the Mining Industry. From exploration to waste handling, the acquisition of accurate weight data is critical when it comes to operating efficiencies, workplace safety, regulatory compliance,… Read More

Why you need an overload warning system for your truck

2018-12-07T12:50:05+00:00 15th August 2017|

Since the introduction of Chain of Responsibility Legislation (CoR) – which recognises that the vehicle driver is not the only person to be held responsible for driving an overloaded vehicle, but rather that multiple parties may be responsible for offences committed by the drivers and operators of heavy vehicles and that legal liability applies to all parties for their actions or inactions – it has become almost mandatory for commercial vehicle operators to install overload warning s… Read More

How Onboard Truck Scales Can Help You At Harvest Time

2018-12-07T12:51:55+00:00 7th August 2017|

Harvest season is a busy and important time on the agricultural calendar and farmers are increasingly turning to technology to help them run their operations more efficiently and more profitably. Speed, accuracy and efficiency are all crucial during harvest – and onboard agscales and weighing systems on the harvesting equipment allows real time yield measurement and optimum vehicle loading. The equipment enables farmers to streamline their crop management processes and optimise their vehic… Read More

How an efficient feed management system can save you money

2018-12-07T12:53:54+00:00 20th July 2017|

The ability to accurately weigh and measure feed is a critical success factor in any agricultural undertaking. With accurate measurements, farmers can control not only the quantity of the feed, but also the quality, cost, constituent parts and so on – all of which have an impact on their operation’s performance. An efficient feed management system is a proven tool for farmers and other producers in the agricultural industry that enables them to improve their efficiencies and ultimately,… Read More

The Key Advantages of an On-board Weighing System

2019-04-23T08:53:58+00:00 11th July 2017|

Operating a successful business means operating at maximum efficiency. Anything less means there is the potential for wastage and losses, such as time. Ultimately any losses in your business equate to an unwanted reduction on your profit margins, so when running an efficient transport or logistics service, investing in an on-board weighing system can pay dividends in the long run. More efficient use of space An on-board weighing system will help to ensure that each truck is loaded to its optimum… Read More

Changes in weighing legislation and implications for forklift fleet operators

2018-12-07T13:00:20+00:00 6th June 2017|

Changes to weighing legislation, such as the recent Chain of Responsibility (CoR) laws in Australia and the forthcoming global SOLAS (Safety Of Lives At Sea) regulations have had repercussions for forklift fleet operators. Both laws require the verification of weights with serious consequences in the event of a transgression. The new Chain of Responsibility legislation recognises that multiple parties may be responsible for offences committed by the drivers and operators of heavy vehicles and le… Read More

Why Every Waste Collection Vehicle Needs WasteWeigh

2018-12-07T12:57:16+00:00 6th June 2017|

The issues of waste collection and recycling present a growing challenge to industry and regulators as well as the wider community, and more and more focus is being placed on weight data as an important asset when it comes to managing these challenges. Weight data – which includes information about the amount of waste or garbage that has been collected, information about the recovery of various materials and information about the disposal of the waste – can be of enormous help to was… Read More

Don’t Risk A Fine – Ensure Your Trucks Aren’t Overloaded By Installing An Onboard Weighing System

2018-12-07T13:03:05+00:00 17th May 2017|

When loading trucks, vans, trailers or any other bulk transport vehicles, it’s vital that the correct loading limits are adhered to if you are to avoid costly penalties. Fines are not only expensive, they also have a negative impact on productivity and business efficiency. Moreover, when an organisation consistently breaches legal limits, it can also result in reputational damage – the implications of which can be disastrous. These days, thanks to the advanced technology and clever engin… Read More

The Benefits Of Onboard Weighing Systems For Bulk Haulage Trucks

2018-12-07T13:10:01+00:00 11th April 2017|

Overloaded heavy vehicles are a significant safety hazard, but they also have a negative impact on many other areas including the road surface, infrastructure and the environment. For example, a bulk haulage truck that is overweight or has been loaded incorrectly is at risk of the following: Greater likelihood of accidents, causing harm to humans and damage to infrastructure Truck instability, steering difficulty and need for longer braking distances Tyres can overheat and wear rapidly, increasi… Read More

How Truck Scales Streamline Your Logistics

2018-12-07T13:11:22+00:00 16th March 2017|

Logistics and transportation play a critical role in the success of many types of businesses, yet the area doesn’t always get the appropriate levels of investment for it to deliver optimum returns. In order to streamline their shipping and logistics, business owners should consider investing in truck scales – which deliver a range of benefits that provide substantial ROI in the long-term. Truck scales can be in the form of either on-board truck scales or weighbridge truck scales, depending o… Read More

Some Things You May Not Know About Vehicle Weighing

2018-12-07T13:13:05+00:00 22nd February 2017|

The wide variety of onboard vehicle weighing systems on the market today, coupled with the new legislative framework, can make the whole subject of vehicle weighing a bit confusing. Here are some things about vehicle weighing that you may not be aware of, but which can have a significant impact on the outcome of a situation. It’s really worthwhile taking a moment to read through this article and make sure that you’re familiar with everything. Firstly, let’s look at the question of vehicle… Read More

How Onboard Weighing Can Help You Meet Chain of Responsibility Requirements

2018-12-07T13:14:36+00:00 5th February 2017|

What is the Chain of Responsibility? If you consign, pack, load or receive goods as part of your business, you could be held legally liable for breaches of the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) even though you have no direct role in driving or operating a heavy vehicle. This is the ‘Chain of Responsibility’ (COR). Therefore, under the Chain or Responsibility, everyone in the supply chain shares equal responsibility for complying with Heavy Vehicle National Law. So, if you have control over a… Read More

Onboard Weighing Solutions For The Logistics Industry

2018-12-07T13:16:12+00:00 17th January 2017|

The logistics industry supports inbound and outbound logistics literally carries the weight of the world’s economy, withcompanies operating in the transport and logistics industry moving goods from place to place as quickly, efficiently and as cost-effectively as possible without compromising on safety. That’s where onboard weighing solutions play an enormous role. Transporting heavy loads Overloaded vehicles not only cause damage to infrastructure, premature wear and tear on the vehicle and… Read More

How Onboard Crane Scales Are A Revolution In Dynamic Weighing

2019-05-13T10:45:18+00:00 3rd December 2016|

Advancements in crane weighing systems have amounted to a virtual revolution when it comes to dynamic weighing applications across a variety of industries. Much like all other pieces of weighing equipment, crane scales have evolved rapidly in recent times into highly sophisticated, user-friendly instruments with greatly enhanced functionality, safety, accuracy and capacity. The digital era has enabled wireless communication and seamless integration with other software systems, as well as enhanci… Read More

Four TruckWeigh Systems for South East Queensland Council

2018-12-07T13:25:44+00:00 3rd July 2016|

AccuOnboard recently supplied and fitted its popular TruckWeigh overload vehicle weighing system to four dump truck and dog trailers (truck and dogs) for a South-East Queensland City Council. The TruckWeigh system will ensure that the Council meets its Chain of Responsibility and Work Health and Safety obligations towards its employees and the public. It does this by alerting the driver, via a digital display mounted in the cab of the vehicle, when an axle group is overloaded. Through this displ… Read More

Sewerage Pipes Delivered Safely with TruckWeigh

2018-12-07T13:30:01+00:00 22nd April 2016|

A water and sewerage utility provider servicing South-East Queensland’s Moreton Bay and Sunshine Coast regions recently engaged AccuOnboard to supply and fit its TruckWeigh overload vehicle weighing system to one of its delivery vehicles used to transport concrete sewerage pipes. With the considerable weight of each concrete pipe, operations managers determined it was quite possible for the vehicle to have overloaded axles without the driver’s knowledge. That’s where the TruckWeigh display… Read More

Mobile Storage Bin Converted to an Onboard Vehicle Weighing System

2018-12-07T13:32:36+00:00 16th December 2015|

AccuOnboard Queensland recently installed an onboard weighing system to a mobile storage bin used to provide road construction materials for a road profiling company. AccuOnboard used four extremely low profile double-ended shearbeam load cells which barely impacted on the overall height of the mobile bin but provided an overall weighing capacity of 20 tonne. The load cells were calibrated to an AccuOnboard IT1000 digital weight indicator which provides basic weighing functionality for the prese… Read More

TruckWeigh Onboard Weighing System for Asphalt Dispensing Vehicle

2018-12-07T13:35:10+00:00 23rd July 2015|

AccuOnboard has installed another one of its TruckWeigh overload protection weighing systems to an asphalt dispensing vehicle for a prominent Queensland manufacturer of road maintenance plant. The asphalt truck itself was purchased by a South-East Queensland local council for use with typical road maintenance. Many local councils and State governments are very strong with complying with chain of responsibility legislation and meeting their obligations of health and safety towards their workers a… Read More

TruckWeigh and BulkWeigh Team Up for a Total Onboard Weighing Solution

2018-12-07T13:38:30+00:00 29th May 2015|

AccuOnboard New Zealand recently supplied and installed both TruckWeigh and BulkWeigh onboard weighing systems to a semi-trailer used by a scrap metal transport company in Hamilton, New Zealand. The scrap collection vehicle comprises a Kenworth T404S semi with a Palfinger crane, coupled with a quad-axle tipper trailer. AccuOnboard’s popular TruckWeigh onboard vehicle weighing system was installed on the semi to ensure its axles were not overloaded during transport. AccuOnboard’s Bulk… Read More

AccuOnboard to Exhibit at Australian Waste and Recycling Expo 2015

2018-12-07T13:41:04+00:00 13th May 2015|

AccuWeigh and AccuOnboard will be exhibiting at stand F18 of the Australian Waste and Recycling Expo 2015 (AWRE 2015), which is now in its sixth year. This year, the Expo will be hosted by Melbourne from Wednesday, August 12 through to Thursday, August 13, 2015. AccuWeigh and AccuOnboard have numerous weighing solutions which are specifically suited to the waste and recycling industry. AccuOnboard’s popular TruckWeigh onboard vehicle weighing system, which utilises a vehicle’s suspen… Read More

Another Installation of AccuOnboard’s Popular TruckWeigh Overload Protection System

2018-12-07T13:44:41+00:00 15th December 2014|

AccuOnboard Queensland has installed yet another overload protection, onboard weighing system to an 8 x 4 Isuzu truck for a prominent, national waste collection company. This installation is one of many already made for this company and one of many more to come. The overload protection system installed is AccuOnboard’s popular TruckWeigh onboard weighing system, which suits most types of vehicles from small commercial vans to large road trains. The TruckWeigh onboard weighing system measur… Read More

Road and Maritime Services Big on Duty of Care

2018-12-07T13:48:53+00:00 10th November 2014|

A body-builder in Newcastle recently commissioned AccuOnboard to install its TruckWeigh onboard vehicle weighing system to a rigid truck for the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) used to conduct general site works. The TruckWeigh system was purchased primarily to ensure RMS meets its duty of care for its workers as overloaded vehicles represent greater risk for vehicle operators. It also represents a very versatile weighing system with the ability to display individual axle loads as well as an o… Read More

AccuOnboard and Vehicle Weighing to Exhibit at the Brisbane Truck Show 2015

2018-12-07T13:58:19+00:00 20th October 2014|

AccuOnboard and Vehicle Weighing division will be again exhibiting at the Brisbane Truck Show in 2015 from Thursday, May 14 to Sunday May 17. The Brisbane Truck Show is held every two years and is organised by the Commercial Vehicle Industry Association of Queensland (CVIAQ) since its inception in 1968. As the largest event of its type in the southern hemisphere, the Brisbane Truck Show stands alone as the premier event in Australia for the transport industry showcasing the latest in heavy vehic… Read More

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