AccuOnboard provides onboard and vehicle weighing solutions for all types of industries.


Solutions range from out-of-the-box products to custom systems designed to meet the needs specific to your industry and your way of doing business.

Waste Management

8 Wheel garbage truck fitted with AccuOnboard WasteWeigh system

AccuOnboard has many existing products to suit the waste management industry.

Warehousing, Transport & Freight

Forklift fitted with onboard scales

The transport and freight industries are undoubtedly the industries that move Australia forward the most.


TruckWeigh Onboard Weighing System for Asphalt Dispensing Vehicle

AccuOnboard regularly provides onboard weighing solutions to numerous councils around Australia.

Agriculture & Farming

Truckweigh Terminal in Truck Cabin

AccuOnboard understands the agricultural and farming industries’ need for weighing systems to be both robust and mobile.

Mining & Construction

Off-Highway mining trucks

AccuOnboard meets the needs of quarrying, mining and construction industries by providing weigh-as-you-load solutions such as hydraulic loader scales,…

Chain of Responsibility

Chain of Responsibility Solutions

AccuOnboard’s range of onboard vehicle weighing solutions ensure that all types of industries can now comply with Chain of Responsibility laws (…