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BINWEIGH - LEGAL FOR TRADE in-motion Weighing system

BinWeigh – Paving a way for Weight-based-Billing

AccuOnboard’s innovative BinWeigh® system is Australia’s only trade approved in-motion weighing system trade approved by the National Measuring Institute (NMI).

Development of the system has been driven by demand for dynamic, accurate, on-vehicle weighing systems that enable waste truck operators to collect bins and obtain accurate weight measurement readings without interrupting collection and tipping processes.

The BinWeigh® system provides forward-thinking waste management companies with new capabilities that help them satisfy increasing customer demands for the supply of invoices based on the measurement of the individual weight of a bin’s content; rather bills based on a bin’s volumetric capacity, whether it’s full or not.

BinWeigh’s NMI legal for trade status means waste management companies can now confidently charge waste producers by weight, free of fears about the risks associated with overcharging customers and incurring costly NMI penalties.

The product of extensive engineering research and development, BinWeigh® includes a number of proprietary technologies and features that enable waste management companies to optimise operations.

With off-the-shelf or customised adaptation mountings available, AccuOnboard’s robust BinWeigh system is suitable for front, rear and side lifters providing accurate dynamic weighing of individual waste bins.

Data Management

The BinWeigh® system employs sophisticated Digi Sens technology and a METIRON data processing computer, which generates high resolution, net weight calculations. These are then combined with time, date, bin and client data to meet invoicing requirements.

The METIRON computer is able to communicate through successive interfaces with the container identification system, on-board computer, METERM display system, printer and other linked hardware.

System Highlights

  • Fully automatic weighing and identification process
  • No additional delay to the tipping cycle due to the weighing
  • Load ranges from 0-200kg to 0-4000kg
  • Smallest resolution 0.5kg
  • Components adapted to rugged environmental conditions
  • Precision according to OIML of 200 to 500 points
  • Robust and reliable design
  • It’s suitable for rear, front and side lift lifters.
  • Adaptation mountings available for great range of OEM brands

With experts now forecasting that the future container waste payment model will go the European way, isn’t it time that your company picked up BinWeigh®.