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Onboard vehicle weighing systems

From Australia's most
experienced weighing

Air Suspension Systems (Overload Suspension)

For payload control, the Accuweigh-Air onboard weighing system incorporates a unique dual air principle. Unlike cheaper air bag systems that use a single sensor mounted on one side of the vehicle only, the Accuweigh-Air onboard weighing systems measures the load from both sides of the vehicle for more precise and repeatable weight readings.

This onboard weighing system uses the industry proven PM1155 digital weight indicator. Accuweigh-Air is easily fitted to trucks and can usually be installed in a single working day.


  • Net payload and gross vehicle weight
  • Accurate to ±2% to 3% of full scale or better, subject to ground conditions
  • Installed within one working day

Telematics output

Accuweigh-Air includes an output from the indicator capable of connecting with GPS tracking systems, allowing communication between the two systems to capture the weight information and overload alarm set points. A cable is supplied with the Accuweigh-Air system which allows telematics systems to capture the weight information and alarm triggers.

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