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Feed Management Software

AccuOnboard recommends Avery Weigh-Tronix's Feed Foreman software to match with Avery Weigh-Tronix mixer wagon scales.

With its intuitive touchscreen operation, Feed Foreman is easy to learn and operate. Choose from four easily customised batching options for efficient feeding.


  • Easily adjust pen feedings per day, head count or DMI
  • Change DMI by entering a new target DMI or adjusting DMI percentage
  • Input recipes by DMI or As Fed per head per day
  • Customise mixer timer settings to ensure properly mixed batches
  • Pre-loaded with most commonly used ingredients including baseline chemistry references

3060 digital weight indicator for mixer wagon scales

The advanced 3060 Indicator features a touchscreen interface for full control of Feed Foreman mixer wagon software. This feed management solution consists of Feed Foreman software for the 3060 and Feed Foreman PC program. This unique software program has powerful data collection and export capabilities specifically tailored to mixer wagon applications.

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